Monday 23 April 2018
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Would you pay more to live near the best primary school?

Increasingly more people are paying to live in the catchment areas of primary schools that have been rated outstandingby Ofsted.

Liverpool Property Solutions has a wide range of properties on the market, these vary in size, style and location, however, they meet an array of needs and requirements.

Some people choose to live near the best primary school because they want their children to achieve the best results possible. A school that has a positive reputation is preferable over a standard schoolbecause they want their children to have the best education and be taught by teachers who have a wealth of experience.

Alternatively, some families physically cannot afford to move near primary schools because the prices of properties can up to 8% higher than in surrounding areas. Why pay to send your children to an outstanding school when they can learn to count and spell in any primary school setting? If a child wants to learn, they’ll learn no matter where they go to school!

Others consider education to be the most valuable gift that they can give to their children so the expense of living near to an excelling primary school is irrelevant! If you’re looking to get your children into the primary school that’s performing well, moving into the catchment area will provide you with the upper hand over those living outside the area.  And there’s a positive correlation between the price you pay for a property and the access you have to a good school.

Liverpool Property Solutions are a multi-branch property service who have a range of properties for sale and to rent. Catering for all your needs and requirements and consider no project too big or too small.

If you consider yourself to be someone who cares about your child’s education, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Liverpool Property Solutions, as they can find you a property that suits your criteria, whether you need a 3-bedroom home or a 4-bedroom property, they also have local knowledge of the area, allowing you to choose where you want to live.

So, if you’d prefer to live near to the best primary school, you’re not only providing your children with the best start in life, you’re ultimately saving money that you’d potentially spend on transport, to and from the school!

When it comes to choosing a property that’s for sale, you’ll want to consider the affordability- can you afford the house? The closer you live to a high performing primary school, the higher the costs of living, so make sure you take this into consideration!

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