Monday 23 April 2018
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Using Self Storage: Things You Need To Know

Back in the day residences used to be built with attics, basements, closets, and numerous other assorted storage spaces. But now residences are getting smaller and smaller, there are hardly any closet space available, let alone storage rooms. Attics are all turned into extra living space and basements are becoming extinct. But the need for storage has not decreased at all. As a matter of fact, now people need more items to live their lives. Even 50 years ago, computers were not a household item, nor were air conditioners, or washing machines. Now everyone needs these things. So, how to cope with the shrinking space and growing things? The answer is storage units.

This is a very popular business now as more people are renting units to supplement the available residential space. Many would say that renting a unit is a complete waste of money. But this is only true if you are a hoarder unable to get rid of the past. For most people storage units are a necessity.

Many people use self storage as a temporary option while moving houses or renovating. Others use them as a secure place to store paperwork related to business. Owners of small businesses often use such units as business storage instead of warehouses which are often more expensive.

Pros and Cons of self storage

Self storage helps you de-clutter your place. If you are a business owner then it’s a good place to keep extra paperwork. It is also a great option for storing old automobiles or furniture pieces.

On the downside, storage facilities are often ridiculously expensive. If you are not careful then you might end up paying far more than what the items in the storage are worth. There are also safety concerns about such units.


Renting an unit

Don’t rent an unit just because it’s cheap, you might as well dump your stuff in the garbage. Get quotes from at least a couple of facilities; don’t forget to enquire about any special discounts or offers. Visit the facilities and see whether the units are clean and dry or not. Also check for unusual stains on the floor and walls and signs of seepage. Ask questions about the security measures that are in place. Make sure there are no extra charges for accessing the unit after hours or any charges for removing items from your unit.

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