Monday 23 April 2018
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Roofing Repair Service- Most Common Low Roof Issues

Talking about low slope roofs, it is absolutely important that you must take preventive steps in time to prevent significant damage.  The most common problems of low slope roofs are caused because of lack of maintenance or improper installation. You will definitely face more problems with an old roof than with a new roof, but preventive measures and proper care can reduce your roof repairing expenses considerably.

Damage by wind

Adhesion failure, open seams, and inadequate flashing- all these issues enhance the risk of damaged roof from strong winds. If strong wind catches a loose flashing or an open seam, it may cause tenting, billowing or blowing off of roof. It may also damage single-ply arrangement of your roof, even if the seams are intact. After the membrane is loosened from its substrate, puncturing or tearing is more prone to occur.


Leakage in low slope roofs is the least welcome issue. If this insidious problem occurs, it may cause serious issues in the roof and foundation of the building. In addition, it may also damage contents and inventory kept in the building, resulting in considerable expenditure to the responsible person. Leakage in a low slope roof may occur due to installation circuits against natural flow of running water, adhesion failure, and incorrect flashing.

Improper Workmanship

If you want to build a good quality low slope roof, do not attempt it on your own. This job is better left for professionals who have the know-how of handling the material. The problems in roofing occur mainly because of improper workmanship than quality of material. Even if you spend the best you can on the best quality material, you may not have a good quality sturdy roof if the material is not properly installed.

The thaw-freeze cycle

The low slope roofs usually contract and expand according to weather. When it is warm, it will expand; when it is cold, it will contract at night. This continuous movement puts significant pressure on adhesion and flashings of seams, which exposes the most vulnerable parts of the roof. The best method to prevent leakage because of thermal cycling is to get your roof maintained and inspected regularly.

People standing on the low slope roof

The roof inspectors often have to reach the roof top to examine it. There are some ground rules that must be followed while people stand on the roof. No one should be allowed to smoke on the roof since the ashes may burn little holes in the roof. Have your contractors spread blankets around the work areas to avert tools from dropping or puncturing your roof.

Lack of maintenance

Like other components of a building, roofs also require adequate maintenance to enhance their lifespan. Maintaining a low roof can be the single determining factor in lowering the repair costs and increasing the span of life of a low slope roof. You must get your roof inspected regularly and take help of professionals to maintain it.

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