Monday 23 April 2018
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Modern sofas

How often have you thought about changing the furnishings of your living room? Surely many times, but then, for lack of time or lack of money we have renounced. Spring is coming and maybe now is the right moment to renew some furniture and change the colour of our living room.

If you prefer an environment in modern style with inspiration to minimalism, which in this period is trendy, you have to choose cool colours, so various shades of white, grey and green. Table, chairs, lamps, everything must be in line with the chosen style: if you like modern or contemporary style, the lines must be clean and regular and the colours matched to that of the walls. You must pay attention to detail, not to overlook the decorations, like curtains, great for both privacy, it is to give a touch of colour to the room.

Today you can buy pieces of furniture in many shops and at low prices, but there are some furniture that must be chosen with care, making sure they are practical and comfortable as well as beautiful.

One of these pieces of furniture is the sofa: it must be a place to relax and its most important feature is the comfort; the materials must be of quality.

Poliform is currently a leading player on the international furniture scene: the company has always based its vision on the search trends. The Poliform collection is very extensive and includes many modern sofas: one of these is Bristol, designed from Jean-Marie Massaud that has soft shape, thanks to the double cushions, connected to the lightness of thin armrests characterize the aesthetics of Bristol Jean-Marie Massaud.

A sofa that comes in compositions of great originality. This sofa is suitable for spacious interiors, but being modular, if you have limited space, you can choose the smaller size. Another sofa of the Poliform collection is Soho by Paolo Piva, also modular, is available both in fabric or leather: this sofa is comfort in its purest form, without forgetting its beauty and style. If you have limited space, but still want an important sofa, you can choose Shangai, by Carlo Colombo, a modern and minimalist sofa. The high quality of these modern sofas will surprise you; are you ready to renew your living room? What are you waiting for?

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