Tuesday 20 February 2018
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How To Rodent Proof Your New Improved Home

You’ve just moved or improved your home, and got it looking exactly right. So why would you want to think about rodent proofing now your work is finally done? We are here to tell you why!

Rodents carry horrible diseases, including salmonella. They carry so much bacteria they would make a toilet jealous! Sewers may be the favourite place for a rat to hang out, but they will be just as comfortable in your home. Imagine all those germs!

As well as being crawling (literally) with germs, rodents love to chew, chew chew…everything. Your brand new wooden floor? Chewed. Your brand new curtains? Chewed? That brand new plasma TV on the wall (well the wires in this case)? Chewed. Say goodbye to all those hard earned home improvements.

Does this sound like something you would want to happen? We are guessing not. So here are some top tips for rodent proofing your home.

  1. Seal off all entry points – We’re not saying turn your home into a prison. Just make it inaccessible to rodents. Look around your home for any holes that a rodent could squeeze through. Mice especially can get through the tiniest hole imaginable. Once you’ve found a possible entry point, seal it up so no rodent (or any other pest) can get through.
  2. Keep the food away – Rodents want to come into your home for food and water. So if you keep your food in sealed, plastic containers, they have one less reason to pay your house a visit. If you have pets, just put their food down at meal times. Try not to leave food out on the side, and clean up all those dirty dishes.
  3. Prune your garden – Your garden is a haven for pests, and overgrown trees and bushes make a perfect pathway into your home. Keep the lawn mowed and the foliage cut back to prevent rodents infesting.
  4. Get some advice – A professional pest control company will have some great knowledge on how to prevent rodents from getting into your home. They can even rodent proof your home for you, so you know you’re safe.

Rodents will infest your home because they want food and safety. If you eliminate these as an option, they will move on to a more attractive accommodation. With just these few changes, you can make your home unwelcoming to rodents for the foreseeable future.

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