Monday 23 April 2018
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How to practice space saving with furniture

The population in the world is increasing by leaps and bounds and price of real estate is skyrocketing. Consequently the average living space is shrinking day by day. Once where people lived in huge mansions and spacious cottages, now they live in tiny studio apartments and mini houses. So, the need for space saving furniture is quite understandable.

Using furniture from Hay NL that will save space can help ensure that you are utilizing the floor space available to you optimally without creating a clutter. Even a tiny studio apartment can be made to look spacious by using proper furnishing and décor.

Space utilization

Think about your kitchen, does it have a corner that is oddly shaped and is not used at all, while the rest of the kitchen is completely crammed. You could install the kitchen sink into that corner and expand your cooking area. In similar way if you installed a sofa cum bed in your studio then you can kill two birds with one stone. There are many other such simple ways in which you can ensure that space is being used wisely in your little home.

Storage come furniture.

Once there used to be attics where you could store extra stuff, but now there are people who live in attics that have been converted into loft apartments. So, where do you store your stuff then? Why not buy furniture from Hay NL that serves more than one purpose. You can buy a box bed with in-built storage, or an armoire that can hold your computer as well as clothes. Bookshelves can double as artwork display case. You can even by stools that are actually storage boxes in disguise.

Use wall mountings

For small homes, the walls can be a salvation. Instead of buying bulky bookcases, utensil racks or dressing tables, you can install wall mounted bookcases or simple racks on the wall to hold your books, you can do the same in the kitchen for utensils. And for the dressing table, you could probably hang a big mirror on the wall with a shelf below it to hold your toiletries.

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