Monday 23 April 2018
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How to Make Your Place Ready for Painting Work

Painting is done to enhance the look and feel of a house. Better results need better preparation. There are a few steps that you need to perform when planning to paint the house.

Remove all furniture

To make the painting job easier, instead of covering furniture with cloth or newspaper, renovation contractor removes all the furniture from the place. This would not only avoid damage to the furniture, but also spilling of the paint. You can rent a temporary place to keep all your furniture and other items in the room until the work is not completed.

If any item in your house is too heavy to move on your own, then pull it and bring it to the middle of the room. Cover it with a plastic sheet. In this way, there are lesser chances of obstruction and spoiling of the object.

Protect the floor

When applying the paint on the walls, there is a possibility that a few drops of paint color may spill on the floor and make it spoiled. So, to prevent such happening, you can cover the floor with some newspaper sheets. Professional painters at painting company also use the professional style of drop cloths to cover the entire floor of the house.

If you are looking for an affordable option, you can even go for plastic sheets. Butyl backed cloth have a remarkable ability to soak liquid, i.e., spilled paint that prevents it from penetrating to the floor underneath.

Remove all showpieces and hanging from the wall

Remove clocks, showpieces and wall hangings from the wall so that one can easily paint the place without spoiling them. Once you remove them, you can cover them properly and keep them aside so that once the painting work ends, you can put them back in their proper place.


Use these steps to prepare the surface well and get the best look of your place post painting.

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