Monday 23 April 2018
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How To Do The Restoration Process Of A Building Damaged By Fire

The damage caused by fire can be really overwhelming, if not controlled properly. Your possessions get severely damaged. Disaster preparation and planning is the top priority, but you should not ignore the need for restoration, after the fire incident. You must be organized enough to deal with the chaos.

After the clearing of smoke, you should try to contact your insurance provider. After this call restoration professionals and hire them for the repair of your building and possessions. Keep all of the original documents and receipts and provide only photocopies to the insurance company.


Contacting a professional restoration team

After contacting your insurance provider and filing a claim, you should look for a reputable Houston Commercial Fire damage restoration team, which is also capable of construction. After evaluating the damage, the hired restoration team will secure your building and use their high quality carpentry skills to fulfill your requirements.

Also, see if the team is willing to work with your insurer for the creation of a recovery plan. This plan will assist in the restoration of your building structure and the elimination of consequences of fire damage. In addition, ask the restoration company if it can make arrangements for safe storage of your belongings.

Steps involved in the restoration process

Fire damage can be reversed through qualified and professional Houston Commercial Fire damage restoration services.  These services help people in getting back their normal lives and offer a variety of restoration options, during the process. There are certain steps which are followed by every restoration professional in the process and they are as follows:

  • Emergency contact – High quality restoration companies provide emergency services to people affected by fire damage. They offer immediate relief to people when contacted and prevent the fire damage from getting further, within a property.
  • Assessment – Next, the restoration team will assess the degree of fire damage by taking a look at the distance travelled by the fire, smoke, soot, etc. The team members will assess the condition of your walls and furniture. This way, a proper plan will be created and the company will decide the total cost for the restoration.
  • Sealing and tarp – The team will then focus on preventing the damage from further worsening and all the problematic areas will be sealed, accordingly. It will also take care of the water damage, especially if fire has been the cause for it.
  • Clean up – All the dust and smoke will be cleaned up and the charred, dark, and stained appearance of your property will be completely eliminated. This will also bring back the normal looks of your building. All bad odors will be removed while irreparable items will be disposed and replaced.


The restoration process of your furniture will begin and all of the damage will be repaired or replaced based on the circumstances. New items will be installed and walls will be repainted to give a fresh look to your building.

Lastly, you should ask the restoration company for consultation regarding the prevention of fire in future. They will debrief you upon how to avoid fire damage and choose the best design for your property.

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