Tuesday 20 February 2018
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Hire the Best Piano Mover and Let Your Piano Be Relocated In the Safest Way Possible!

Moving a piano should never be done without professional help. After all, if you happen to break or drop it while moving it, the replacement or repairs can cost you thousands. Pianos are indeed large that makes it extremely time consuming and tough especially for the residential moves.

Hiring professional piano movers will save your time as well as money in the long run. No matter whether you are moving your piano across just your town or country, you want it to be definitely in safe hands. Read on to know the best tips to find the right piano mover.

Looking out for the right piano mover

At first, it is important to ask your prospective moving company about their insurance coverage. In most of the cases, the insurance amount that they will carry will be sufficient to cover your piano. In case you will like additional coverage, you can call your homeowner’s insurance agent to ask them to arrange for rider to your insurance policy that will insure your piano while shipping.

It is even more important to choose the mover that offers door to door service. Apart from it, you should even know where your piano will be kept during the move. Ensure that they place it somewhere where it won’t be subjected to any kind of major shift in temperature or movement.

It is always best to give the movers specific instructions on where and how to move your piano in the safest way possible. The best piano mover will definitely have special equipment for the job such as heavy duty handcart, piano dolly, etc.

Top benefits of hiring Professional Piano Movers

The piano moving specialists are well equipped to transport delicate objects like pianos without any kind of damage. Most of the professional piano moving companies provide best services at affordable rates. Their service can either be a part of full residential move or can include relocating your piano from one place to another. These companies have proper experience and equipment to do their job and ensures that not even single tuning key will be lost while the move.

Hiring professional moving company will take out your entire stress and even prevent any damage to this expensive musical instrument. They have full responsibility for task and the relevant insurance covers any possible damage.

Secure your piano before its relocation

Another important aspect is packing your piano before Klaveri transport. They are delicate, so the internal moving parts should be secured as well. Wrapping it in series of blankets as well as pads is a good idea since it will ensure that its surface isn’t gouge or scuffed. After all, refinishing your piano may be as expensive as its replacement.

Moreover, before your move, ensure that the lid is locked and down. Plus, you will also need to make sure that there are no such obstacles along the route that you have planned for the move. In case, you are moving it outside, wrap it up in plastic. It will prevent it from water damage.

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