Monday 23 April 2018
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Come and take a seat!


“Come and take a seat!” – That’s what you say when you welcome a guest in your house. It’s quite obvious then why a table is so important, and a table of contemporary design assures you something that is not just practical, but also beautiful, something with the power to enrich your furniture and your home. The table is the main surface of a room, probably the first object that you see when you enter there. Choose to be unconventional, original, and you even won’t need a table cloth!

Varenna is the Italian leader of contemporary design furniture, and in its website you’ll be able to see the most beautiful tables realised by some of the most important and significant designers from all over the world. Let’s see together some examples. Flute by Roberto Barbieri is a round table perfect for a small family or for a couple. All of its characteristics evoke familiarity and intimacy, and its simple and elegant lines are perfect for almost all the kind of rooms of the living area. Master Due is more classic, even if its strong lines keep alive the idea of a modern piece of furniture. It’s extensible, so it can turn perfectly into a table ideal to guest more people. Roberto Barbieri designed also Trevi, which is an actual little jewel of design.

It’s so light that’s almost ephemeral, and maybe it’s one of the most feminine pieces of the Varenna collection, even if its simple elegance il surely universal. When you see Blade you surely understand why it’s been called this way. Its lines cut the space like a beautiful japanese sword cuts silently the air. The wood ensures a natural aspect, making it perfect for all the kind of dining rooms and kitchens.

When you organise a room in you living area, try to be never obvious  by choosing a table that can represent your taste, but which can be also integrated with all the others pieces of furniture. Remember that the table is one of the protagonists of a room, and it will always concentrate the sight of whoever stays there. You’ll eat, talk, work, socialize around your table, so think well about it and choose something special such just a brand like Varenna can guarantee you.

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