Monday 23 April 2018
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Canvas Photo Prints Are the Latest and Popular Home Décor Trend

Chemical dyes and chemicals are used to make photos. These are sensitive to UV rays, moisture, and temperature changes. Overtime, these chemicals degrade and image starts to fade, develop cracks, or even turn yellow. Oil, dirt, dust, and some gases also add to deterioration of photographs.

Even properly framed photographs start losing their original quality in approximately 6 to 7 years and before 20 years visible overall fading has set in.

Latest trend to overcome fading

Photographs are full life memories and very near to everyone’s heart. Fortunately, canvas pictures are the latest trend added in the photography sector. Using advanced technology has allowed people make canvas printing more affordable. Printing pictures on a canvas is inexpensive and fast. The most appealing fact is that canvas pictures can last for more than a century, before visible fading starts.

Canvas pictures are long-lasting

Long lasting stone remnants and canvas paintings all around the world are real evidence. Thus you can say that stone and canvas are two best formats for preserving art. However, photographs printed on stone are not reasonable, but on canvas you can.

Now, another question that rises in everyone’s mind is that for centuries it was canvas painting and we are discussing canvas printing. It is a logical statement,

How can canvas print last?

Current technology makes use of specialized inkjet printers. Photos are transferred using dyes and ink onto different kinds of canvas print materials like poly-canvas or plastic. The images on Fotolõuend (Photo Canvas) are of high quality with rich vibrant colors and will not fade away for many decades or till you live.

Kinds of photos used for canvas printing


  • Portraits shot in studio looks flat on photo paper but when printed on canvas it looks classy and stunning.
  • Large canvas portraits look great on tall walls and long highways.
  • It reminds you of classic frescos but this time they are photographed rather than painted.

Family photos

  • Many serious and crazy moments locked are fun to enjoy, when hung on the wall.
  • Create a family tree and transfer it on a canvas.
  • Digital enhancements allow you to change color to get the vintage feel.

Vacation photos

On vacation you capture plenty of photos to create a memorable tour. Captured scenic photos can be greatly enhanced using high resolution and then printed on canvas.

Artwork photos

Photographers can grab this opportunity to turn an interesting subject with precision and right angle into an artwork. Print it on canvas with enhancements and proper manipulation.

How to order canvas prints online?

Ordering canvas prints online needs you to consider several things.

  • Narrow your search by typing relevant keywords to get suitable results.
  • Carefully choose websites and visit
  • Go through their websites gallery, which gives you an inkling of their work.
  • Read reviews and read users testimonials
  • Too many positive reviews is an indication to be cautious
  • Check refund policy, confidential clause, and terms of service, before signing in with any website
  • Make sure they provide flexible and secure payment options

Author’s Bio:

This article has been written by Mark Farley. Visit, an online printing website and get Fotolõuend (Photo Canvas) canvas printed to enjoy the memories forever. You can even order handcrafted canvas framing. Customer testimonials reveal that Perrepro are excellent in printing field and so you get outstanding results.

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