Monday 23 April 2018
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Buying Tableware for Your Home? Here Is What to Look Out For

Tableware is something which is used every day. It is used at home and restaurants. While choosing tableware, it is important to take into consideration the purpose of use and individual style. These days, there are several design options available in tableware. However, while making a choice, it is important to consider the following important aspects:a

Buying the essentials

While buying tableware, it is advisable to list down the essential items. Few such items include:

  • Dinner plates for serving the main course.
  • Salad plates for serving salads, desserts and starters.
  • Side plates for holding breads.
  • Bowls for serving soups and cereals.
  • Specific bowls like rice and pasta bowls.
  • Serving bowls for various dishes.
  • Mugs for serving coffee and tea.


While choosing tableware, it is important to evaluate its functionality. While making a choice, it is essential to ensure that the various pieces work together and make a good presentation. It is also advisable to choose pieces which are lightweight and comfortable. It is important to analyze the purpose and frequency of use of the tableware before making a choice.

Appearance and features

Tableware is available in a range of designs, shapes and colors. It is advisable to select lauanõud according to the individual taste and preference. Tableware of different designs may also be mixed and matched according to preference. Besides the appearance, it is also important to take into consideration features like versatility, stack ability and durability. While selecting tableware, it is advisable to select pieces that can withstand the wear and tear associated with everyday use.

Selecting the format

While buying tableware, a choice may be made between boxed sets and individual pieces. For people who want to start a collection, boxed sets can prove to be a good choice. Individual pieces on the other hand can help in creating tailor made collections. Some pieces of tableware like cream jugs, sugar bowls and teapots may be used on special occasions.

Choosing the material

Choosing the right material is extremely important while selecting tableware. Different types of materials have their own characteristics. Few materials which may be taken into consideration while buying tableware include:

  • Bone China made from bone ash and porcelain is durable yet lightweight.
  • Ceramic relates to all types of fired clay which is extremely durable.
  • The porous clay called earthenware is well suited for being used daily
  • A mixture of China stone and clay, fine China differs from bone China in terms of its thickness.
  • Glass dinnerware looks elegant and is extremely popular.
  • Melamine is unbreakable and is hence preferred in restaurants and hotels.
  • Porcelain is shiny and very durable.
  • Plastic being inexpensive, is preferred by many for everyday use.

Paying attention to the facilities available in the house

While choosing tableware, it is also important to pay attention to the facilities available in the house. While choosing tableware, it is important to evaluate the availability of appropriate ware washing equipment as certain pieces may state specific washing instructions. It is also recommended to have sufficient glassware in rotation. This avoids breakage as a result of the thermal shock which is common when cool liquids are directly poured in the glasses after a hot wash.

Tableware is available in a variety of designs. It is hence important to consider certain essential factors while selecting tableware.

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