Monday 23 April 2018
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Benefits And Viability Of Robotic Lawn Mowers​

The beauty of a building can be greatly enhanced or marred, depending on the condition of the lawn. The regular maintenance of lawn is a time consuming process specifically the mowing.

The solution to all your mowing worries is Robotic Lawn Mower. Now you can sit back and relax while the Robotniiduk takes cares of your mowing needs.

What is a Robotic lawn mower?

A robotic lawn mower is an autonomous machine that is used to cut and level the lawn grass. Theses work on the predefined instruction. These are more or less independent because they cut and trim the lawn on the predefined pattern and if in need of charging can automatically go and get connected to the charging dock by way of radio emissions. These can easily manage up to 220000 square feet of grass.


The first time a Robotic lawn mower was launched in 1969 and by 2005 it has the largest share of domestic robots being used. In 2012 the Robotic lawn mower was 15 times in terms of growth in sales than a traditional mower. These can be configured and integrated to a smartphone, thereby making its handling a lot more convenient. The viability of Robotic lawn mowers can be clearly seen on considering following things

Costing and convenience

In comparison to a sit-on lawn mower, a Robotic lawn mower is cheaper.

  • You need almost no storage space. It can be left at the lawn during the year except in winter when it is not being used. Even then it needs a small space for storage.
  • You get a beautiful and perfectly trimmed lawn without any work on your part. The operating times and days can easily be set on most of the models.
  • It is also quite so it can easily work at night without any disturbance to your sleep.
  • You don’t have to collect any grass clippings it’s all taken care off by your personal lawn carer the Robotic lawn mower
  • Some of the Robotic lawn mowers also contain the rain sensors so any major human interference is totally minimized
  • Safe and Environment-friendly
  • It runs on electric charging. So it’s a clean worker since there’s no emission or requirement any fuel (specifically fossil fuel) that leaves an emission or residue on burning.
  • It recycles the glass clipping and uses it as a fertilizer for the lawn. These are a great source of water and nitrogen to your lawn.
  • It is totally safe because while mowing if it comes in contact with a tree it simply reverses and starts working in a different direction.
  • On being lifted from the ground or on getting tilted or turned over it automatically shuts off.

A robotic lawn mower is like the permanent caretaker of your lawn which can easily can you lawn maintenance needs. On an average, a Robotic lawn mower saves a minimum of nine hours that you would have spent sweating on your lawn. It frees you from the grass cutting duty and you never have to worry about the lawn maintenance.

Author’s Bio:

Stephen Heyer has written this article. The one stop destination for your lawn maintenance needs is Mehka AS. They have a wide variety of Robotniiduk for your consideration. They are the pioneers in the field of Robotic lawn mowers and you can go through their catalogue or consult their experts to choose the one that suits your needs. You can go to their website for further details.

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