Monday 23 April 2018
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Adding Basement Bathroom Functionality – A Guide For Beginners

Most professionals would advise that if you choose to add a bathroom to your home on a limited budget then the first place to consider should be your basement. Adding basement bathroom functionality is a wise choice that would not only add value to your home’s worth, but also increase comfort and convenience. With AGM Renovation, the basement bathroom will be a much more pleasant place to be and it is the least expensive part of the home to renovate.

Basement bathroom renovation will most definitely cost far less than having to add a new bath with a new footer, slab, foundation or siding. Most people do not find it convenient to sacrifice other existing living space in the home such as the bedroom to add a bathroom and even if that were to be possible a number of rerouting plumbing will have to be done. Most basement bathroom renovation makes use of already existing wall as well as already existing plumbing and electrical wiring, making it one of the cheapest investments in the home.

Working closely with your remodelling contractor is a great idea, as it helps you choose the products and fixtures you will be installing in the bathroom. Also ensure that the professional you consult does everything possible to work in line with your budget and can help guide you with products that best meet your budget so that nothing goes beyond what you can handle. You can also choose to supply the products and fixture to be installed by someone else, preferably a professional contractor, which is an inexpensive alternative but be careful to ensure these fixtures are the appropriate ones for what you intend using it for.

Adding a basement bathroom space can be quite simple especially if you are well versed in plumbing, building and wiring. For those with little or no experience, it is advisable to work with an experienced contractor. You can work alongside a professional basement renovation to oversee what you are doing. On the contrary, you can opt for a DIY approach and have a pro inspect the work done based on building codes. This can possibly result into much inconvenience but would save you from massive problems that may arise in future date.

The major expense incurred during basement bathroom renovation is plumbing. Plumbing can take up about two-third of your total expenditure. Locating the bathroom close to the old one and making sure that you use the most efficient method in ensuring thing work fine, you are likely to save a bit. Constructing a basement bathroom does have its own complication as it can be difficult to dispose water waste below ground level. In situations, it is however important that you seek the intervention or advice of a professional to help guide you on ways you can go about the basement bathroom renovation. Succeeding in doing so would help in saving a lot of cost when it comes to rerouting your plumbing and rewiring as well as the building walls.


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